Company Pre-Transfer In


1. What type of business is the company involved in?

2. If it does business, is it an online business or a brick and mortar?

3. If online need website address:

4. If brick & mortar need physical address:

5. If it does business, where are the customers from? 

6. Where is the management of the company located? 

7. Does the company have a financial license in Belize?

8. If yes, Financial License type:

9. Will it be a Holding Company? 

10. If yes, where are the assets located? 

11. Will the company hold any Intellectual Property e.g. trademarks, copyrights etc?

12. Will the company open a bank account? 

13. If yes, where will the bank account be opened?

14. Will the company be associated with any other company, be a part of a structure or be affiliated with any other group of companies? 

15. Kindly provide passport for Director, Shareholder and beneficial owner. 

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